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Manage Visitors Professionally and Securely. The secure and professional approach to identify, manage and track visitors in your buildings.

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Keep Track of People That Visit Your Location With EasyLobby 

Visitor management can be achieved with the help of an automated visitor management system. This collection of software and hardware technology can help you by providing an accurate record of who, when, and how long someone stayed on your premises. It can also restrict access to certain areas based on visitor profiles.

At Internet of Things Philippines Inc., we can provide you with a range of information technology solutions that can help improve your residential or commercial building. Count on us to set up an EasyLobby visitor management system on your property.

Why Choose EasyLobby 

Increased Safety 

By monitoring who enters and exits your property, you can provide your guests, tenants, or employees with peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that EasyLobby products can help you keep an accurate record of names, timestamps, and locations.

Make a Good First Impression 

Show people visiting for the first time that you invested in the necessary items to keep them safe at all times. By clearly demonstrating that you are serious about their well-being, you are also indicating that your business values its people and customers.

Highly Durable Hardware 

With proper usage and maintenance, EasyLobby products can last for years and prevent any extra expenses due to by malfunctions. Now, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary complications in the future.

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