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Our unique combination of product expandability, product quality and customer service provides a level of customer satisfaction unsurpassed in the industry. We create miniature smart machines by implanting microchips, RFID tags and environmental sensors to give you maximum security and access control over your facility.


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State-of-the-Art Access Control Systems You Can Trust 

Intruders getting inside your company premises can result to many issues. If they are up to no good, they might end up stealing or damaging company assets, which are hard to replace. Sometimes, they may even deliberately harm your workers, customers, and clients who are in your office building.

In any case, it’s important for business owners to prevent such individuals from entering company grounds. That’s why it’s necessary for them to take advantage of modern technology, such as advanced access control systems, to achieve that goal. At Internet of Things Philippines Inc., we can provide you with the items you need to secure the safety and welfare of everyone in your property.

Problems Solved by Having High-Quality Access Control Systems 


Company assets cost quite a bit of money, so it would be a huge waste if they end up getting stolen. Computers, furniture, mobile devices, and various pieces of equipment are among the most common items robbers typically get from their targets. Sometimes, they even take important and confidential files, too. You don’t want to experience this issue in the future, so it’s necessary for you to install an access control system.


This issue comes in many forms, and the most common ones are people who write cryptic messages on the wall or deliberately destroy private property. In any case, they cause great damage to the company and often lead to obstruction of business operations. One way to prevent this from happening is by putting up safe and secure access control systems that can bar unauthorized people from entering your office building.

Physical Injury

Company property and gadgets aren’t the only ones that are exposed to danger. You, your employees, and your clients might also become targets of people who want to cause disorder. Thankfully, if you have an advanced access control system in place, you can protect everyone inside your building. You will be kept safe because unauthorized people will be barred from entering company premises.

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