Time Attendance System

Time Attendance Systems: The Accurate Attendance Solution

A time attendance system is a software used to monitor businesses and the employees working there. It can be operated differently and has various features like biometric access, facial and audio recognition, contactless fingerprint scanning, access control readers, and more.

Internet of Things Philippines Inc. offers a wide range of time attendance systems. You can pick the most suitable one for your type of business, and we will ensure that you get top-of-the-line products from us.

Significant Benefits of Time Attendance Systems 

These time attendance systems are helpful for employers. However, they do more than just track your employees’ in and out time. Here are some of their benefits:

Real-Time Tracking 

Since many companies now have remote working setups, having time attendance systems is a must. With one, you can track when your workers clock in and out in real time, no matter where they are. This also ensures accuracy since manually recording attendance still has room for human error.


Your payroll depends on the accuracy of your time attendance. Handing out papers to manually record everyone’s attendance is time consuming, and it might delay the processing of your employees’ salaries.


Attendance errors may lead to salary disputes. With a reliable time attendance system, you can be confident that everything is being recorded correctly, and there is little to no room for mistakes. As a result, you can save on paying for the extra labor of the people involved in fixing the disputes.

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