Connecting Vehicles

Connecting Vehicles

Internet of Things Connecting Vehicles enables gathering and sharing of information between vehicles, roads, and their surroundings. Intelligent Transport Systems can gather information from different vehicles, and process driving recommendations to other drivers.

This technology can ensure safer journeys, reduce travel time, and conserve energy by providing real time data to drivers on the road.


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Improve Road Safety by Investing in Connected Vehicles 

Today, the government implements several measures to keep the roads safe and reduce the number of vehicle-related accidents. Connecting vehicles is one of the most advanced ways to achieve this goal. This technology involves the use of wireless devices installed in vehicles to help them “connect” and communicate with each other.

At Internet of Things Philippines Inc., we can provide you with a range of innovative solutions to help make life easier. Rest easy knowing that our products and services can help lessen incidents of car crashes and collisions that cause injury and damage to property.

Features and Benefits Offered by Connected Vehicles 

Connecting vehicles offers plenty of advantages to drivers and pedestrians alike. Here are a few examples:

Safer Roads

Connected vehicles can communicate with small devices installed in other cars, street signs, and other items commonly found on the roads. These items help alert drivers they are about to hit another vehicle or pedestrian. Furthermore, they will also notify people behind the wheel if they are entering the wrong highway.

Internet Access

If you have a connected car, you will always have access to the internet. In some cases, you can even provide your passengers with Wi-Fi, so they do not have to worry about using their mobile data connection while you’re on the road.

Mobile Apps

Manufacturers of connected cars allow you to link your vehicle to your mobile phone through an application. Using this piece of software, you can gain remote access to your automobile and perform various functions, such as turning the headlights on, starting the engine, opening the sunroof, and locking and unlocking the doors.

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The benefits that come with connecting vehicles seem to be endless. To learn more about the technology, feel free to get in touch with us at Internet of Things Philippines Inc. today!