Cashless Cafeteria

Invest in a Cashless Cafeteria for the Well-Being of Your Employees 

The idea behind a cashless cafeteria is to remove all forms of currency in your office building and replace cash with cards that can be used to pay for food, drinks, or other items in the canteen. These cards are linked to an employee’s account so employers can manage how much spendable allowance is given to each worker.

At Internet of Things Philippines Inc, we can provide you with the technology you need to make a cashless cafeteria possible in your institution. Our team is composed of professionals who can install the required hardware and software to make this kind of system a reality in your building. Whether you have a large building with multiple floors or small office space, we can help you.

How Cashless Cafeterias Benefit Your Employees 

Reduce Theft 

The benefits of cashless cafeterias are many, but one of its most significant benefits is that it reduces cases of stealing. With cards and electronic devices, there is no need for hard cash, which can be easily taken or lost.

Healthier Lifestyle 

Some offices have already invested in cashless cafeterias to help encourage workers to eat more nutritious food. By giving employees better food choices, employers can ensure that their workers stay healthy and fit for their jobs.

Shorten Canteen Lines 

Cashless cafeterias are a great way to reduce the time it takes for people to get and pay for their food. With this system, employees won’t have to scramble for bills and coins when they reach the cashier.

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