Meal Redemption System

Electronic Meal Redemption System

CALMS eMeRS or Electronic Meal Redemption System offers corporations a cashless, convenient environment for employee meal redemption or subsidy operations. The integrated system able to cater to various types of subsidies and customize the operations according to the organizations’ requirements.

It eliminates the traditional way of distributing meal vouchers, minimize overall company expenses and increased efficiency.

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A Meal Redemption System That Can Help Increase Your Overall Efficiency 

Electronic meal redemption systems are a great way to eliminate the traditional way of distributing food vouchers. In the past, companies usually hand out cash or paper coupons for employees to use when they go out to eat. Although it gets the job done, this method is time consuming and expensive.

At Internet of Things Philippines Inc, we can help you set up the CALMS eMeRS, a state-of-the-art electronic meal redemption system. This solution allows you to create a convenient, cashless environment for employee meal redemption or subsidy operations. The system is also fully customizable to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

With our assistance, you can rest easy knowing that we will provide you with a solution while considering your needs and preferences.

Make the Switch to Electronic Meal Redemption Systems 

Boost Employee Morale 

With an electronic meal redemption system, your employees can redeem their meals using just a few taps. They no longer have to worry about losing something you’ve handed them or waiting in long lines at the cafeteria or restaurant.

Supports Various Types of Subsidies 

We understand that each corporation has a different type of subsidy in place. When you use an electronic meal redemption system, you can be sure that this innovative solution can be changed so that your employees’ funding is given out daily, weekly, or monthly.

Minimize Potential Revenue Leaks 

An electronic meal redemption system keeps a record of staff redemptions, total transactions, and more. This information can help you track data and create an accurate report, ensuring that there are no potential revenue leaks because of computation inaccuracies.

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