Hospital Asset and People Tracking System


Hospital Asset and People Tracking System

IOT Hospital Asset and People Tracking System (IOT-HAPS) utilizes RFID technology to enable health care institutions to efficiently manage their supply chain in facilitating staff and resources.

RFID provides long range,non-contact tracking for both staff and assets thereby increasing visibility across the hospital while preventing the spread of infections.


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Manage Healthcare Facilities Using an Efficient Hospital Asset and People Tracking System

Establishing an effective hospital asset and people tracking system in any healthcare facility is vital. This piece of technology enables them to track and locate patients, doctors, and medical assets quickly, especially during emergencies. Without one, institutions run the risk of providing poor patient care and experience.

Fortunately, at Internet of Things Philippines Inc., we offer a reliable hospital asset and people tracking system that is made possible by RFID technology. Trust that our product will help you increase visibility inside your hospital as it will provide you with long-range contact tracking for both staff, patients, and medical resources.

Things You Must Track Inside a Healthcare Institution 


Hospital devices such as respiratory machines, mobile x-ray units, blood bank refrigerators, ECG monitors, and so on should be tagged with RFID. This way, the medical staff knows exactly where to find these equipment and determine whether a specific apparatus is available during urgent situations.


Each patient is important, and they deserve to be monitored properly. Through our people tracking system, medical staff can access an individual’s clinical information to provide appropriate healthcare services.

Patient Documents 

Medical records are confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone without proper clearance. To ensure that patient data stays secure, these documents should be tracked and recorded into the system to avoid information leakage and other problems.


There are various types of medications stored inside a hospital, and some of them can be dangerous or fatal when ingested without a prescription. Tracking each medicine can actually help save people’s lives and prevent them from taking anything that they don’t need.

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