Returnable Transport Item (RTI) Asset Management



IOT Returnable Transport Item (RTI) Tracking System, delivers a profound technology solution using RFID products with a custom fit software to your business process. The system enables the customer to have an efficient logistics planning and monitoring to track down their moving assets from facility to trading affiliates and back.

Additional feature of the system provides better traffic flow inside plant facility such as ingress and egress of trucking / logistic partners; it provides timely monitored queuing period on your loading / unloading docks.


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Track Returnable Transport Items Effectively Through Asset Management 

Returnable transport items (RTI) like bins, kegs, pallets, racks, and more are used in different industries that rely on supply chains. Using RFID technology is effective in tracking down these items when they are being moved from location A to location B.

Internet of Things Philippines Inc. creates RFID tags with customizable software that can be engineered to fit your business process. With this technology, you can conveniently track down and monitor the whereabouts of your moving assets. Additionally, it provides a real-time queuing period on your loading and unloading docks.

How Returnable Transport Item (RTI) Asset Management Helps Your Business 

Allows Faster Auditing 

Returnable transport items enter and exit facilities daily. Using effective asset management tools, suppliers or managers can audit these fast-moving valuables quickly. Scanning hundreds of items in one go is possible with RFID compared to manually checking each one, which takes longer.

Prevents Asset Loss or Theft 

If each returnable transport item is tagged in the system, you will know its exact location. Losing one is impossible since everything has a unique ID, and it is recorded in the database. If you ever misplace one, you will know where to find it.

Reduces Disputes 

With an asset management system, day-to-day disputes between trading partners will be reduced. The RFID tags are always updated, which is how both parties can now provide evidence whenever items get lost in transit.

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