Warehouse and Logistics Tracking System


Warehouse and Logistics Tracking System

IOT Warehouse and Logistics RFID Tracking System, offers intensive inventory process and lesser transaction period. Often encountered problem using conventional warehousing, inventory
records doesn’t match items available for sale.

Using RFID technology, it provides real-time monitoring of inbound and outbound items with the help of RFID devices such as Tags & Readers alongside with a tailored fit software solution to cope up with your company needs and business process.


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Upgrade Your Inventory Process With Warehouse and Logistics Tracking Systems 

Tracking every single thing that enters and exits your warehouse may seem like a tiresome task. Plus, when you’re dealing with thousands of cargos every day, it is nearly impossible to do so manually. Regardless of how many people you hire, doing so without a system will take longer and results to inaccurate data.

Luckily, Internet of Things Philippines Inc. offers a faultless and reliable warehouse and logistics tracking system. Using RFID devices, such as tags and readers, we can provide real-time monitoring of inbound and outbound cargos. This is also partnered with software specifically designed to cope with your business processes.

How Our Warehouse and Logistics Tracking System Works 

Sorting and Classification Process 

The process starts with sorting the products based on your business requirements. For some, they divide the items by packaging types, specifying whether they are perishable or not, shelf life, production dates, batch numbers, and so on.

Enrolling and Tagging Process 

Once the parcels are divided properly, they will be registered into the system as staff members assign individual tags to each item. Afterward, everything will be scanned so that the warehouse managers have data on the stocks’ quantity, location, and classification.

Outbound Verification Process 

Before each cargo is dispatched, personnel will verify the RFID tags by scanning them. This ensures the warehouse managers that the products that will leave their warehouse are complete and there will be no chance of losing or misplacing them.

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