Elevator Access Control

Complete Your Workplace Security With Elevator Access Control 

In towering office buildings, elevators are everyone’s primary way to navigate different floors. However, if your line of work deals with sensitive cases or information, it is important to limit people’s access to certain areas.

Elevator access control systems are effective in controlling movement inside workplaces. They only allow specific people to enter certain floors in a building at a given time, which can highly improve a business’s security and protect the workers in those locations.

Internet of Things Philippines Inc. has a team of professionals who can install top-of-the-line elevator access control systems in your workplace. These systems can control numerous elevators depending on the chosen control panel, and they can be incorporated into CCTV systems so you can monitor who is trying to gain access to your selected floors.

The Advantages of Installing Elevator Access Control Systems 

Establish Safety 

With an elevator access control system, you can ensure that your confidential files, as well as the people working around them, are safe. Your employees need not guard the data, and they can focus on their work instead.

Prevent Intruders 

Without an elevator access control system, your employees are not your only problem. Intruders may also enter your building and use the elevator to access any floor they want. Having a control system will prevent that from happening.

Reduce Expenses 

If you want to secure several floors, you will need to hire guards for particular areas, resulting in additional expenses. You can lessen your costs by installing an elevator access control system instead.

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