Lobby Turnstile with Elevator LCD Integration

Secure Your Entryway Using Lobby Turnstiles With Elevator LCD Integration 

Establishing workplace security is a must, especially now that there are higher cases of intrusion in certain facilities. The best first step is securing your establishment’s entrance.

This can be done by buying and installing lobby turnstiles with elevator LCD integration. A lobby turnstile is more reliable for controlling employee and visitor access than doors guarded by security staff and receptionists. Moreover, with elevator LCD integration, once employees tap their cards, an LCD will show the designated floor they can access.

Internet of Things Philippines Inc. offers high-quality systems for lobby turnstiles with elevator LCD integration. Reach out to us today so we can assess your needs and supply you with the best products.

The Importance of Having Lobby Turnstile Sytems With Elevator LCD Integration 

Improved Security 

Without an access card, a lobby turnstile will not open. This means only the employees can enter the premises and access secured floors. Anyone who does not work in the building or does not have a visitor’s pass cannot easily get in.

Integrated Access Control 

Since the lobby turnstile has an elevator LCD integration, there’s no need to verify what floor you can access. It will automatically display the floor you can go to and integrate it with the elevator.

Easier Operations 

A lobby turnstile system with elevator LCD integration will definitely streamline the entry process in your facility. This saves employees time since it can help eliminate long lines and waiting times to enter a building.

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