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How to do an inventory with RFID and Barcode

How to do an inventory with RFID and Barcode

Most businesses are familiar with the barcode inventory system as a means of managing and tracking stock inventory. To scan a barcode, it must be oriented properly and the scanner must have an unobstructed view of it.

But when a business uses RFID, hundreds of tags may be read per second, as the tags are activated by radio signals from the reader. As a result, the time it takes to perform activities that require scanning many items can be drastically reduced.

Barcodes are designed to be scanned one at a time which results in slow reading whereas many RFID tags can be scanned at once, which results in fast reading.


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Why is it important to choose the right RFID Tag

Why is it important to choose the right RFID Tag

Already using RFID asset management solution? But are you having trouble reading the tags? Perhaps you may have chosen the wrong tag? Here at Internet of Things Philippines Inc., we will provide you with the right tag for every asset.

In order to select the right RFID tag, you must consider several factors that will affect the tag performance.


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Organize Your Stocks With Inventory Management Systems 

Any business that handles stocks needs an accurate inventory management system to help track and organize its whole supply chain. Most business owners are familiar with barcodes, and they use them to keep tabs on their items. The only downside about barcodes is that they take slower, and you need to properly position the items before reading them.

Internet of Things Philippines Inc. offers a better inventory management system using RFID tags. With high-technology devices that use radio signals, you can scan numerous tags per second. As a result, you can do inventory management faster and more accurately.

The Advantages of Using RFID As Your Inventory Management System 

Increased Productivity 

With RFID tags, you can ensure that doing inventory will not take up your whole day. Radio signals activate the tags when scanning, and it is this feature that helps finish the task quickly. When you’re done managing your stocks, you can use your remaining time to do other important duties.

Better Inventory Accuracy 

To scan a barcode properly, you must first organize the items in a neat way since having disorganized stocks create room for errors and inaccuracy. Whereas, if you use RFID tags, you can simply point it to the item and it will read the product instantly.

More Organized Warehouse 

When you’re equipped with an accurate inventory management system, you can organize your stocks according to demand, what sold out best, and what to stock up on. At the same time, you can even keep everything on record using your scanner.

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